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Holidays in Omiš, Croatia

Omiš is a seaside town in Croatia situated near Split, at the mouth of Cetina River - the last stretch before flowing into the sea that cuts through the coastal mountains creating a deep gorge with steep rock walls up to a hundred meters. The stretch of sea off the port is called Channel of Brač, overlooking the homonymous island in front.

Today, Omiš is a seaside resort with a discreet tourism development, excellent starting point for excursions along the coast and on the islands opposite each as well as inward, along the valley of the Cetina River. Omiš Riviera is twenty kilometers long with sandy beaches, bays and cliffs and crystal clear sea. 

The historical origin of Omiš is certainly ancient – it existed even before it became Illyrian and Roman center. The compact city center has preserved medieval-looking despite the proliferation of new buildings. In the middle Ages, Omiš enjoyed a certain prosperity and notoriety as one of the main Dalmatian cities. Since 1444, after repeated attempts, and ups and downs, the center became stable under Venetian rule until the fall of the Republic of Venice in 1797. Then Omiš became part of the Austrian Empire, just like the rest of Croatia, until the end of the First World War. Omiš was annexed to the newly formed Kingdom SHS, later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. During the Second World War it undergoes a brief Italian occupation. Since 1991, it belongs to the independent Republic of Croatia.

The patron of the town is Saint John Nepomuk, who is celebrated in Omiš every year on 16th of May. The city traditionally organizes many cultural events and musical concerts on this day. Omiš can also be described as the relatively small coastal town with a lot of interesting mansions and palaces of various construction periods. The Church of Saint Michael from 1629 can be seen on the main street of the old town. Above the church there is the last preserved part of the fortifications Peovica, while the ruins of fortress called Fortica are located at an altitude of 311 meters. The church of Saint Peter from the ninth century is also noteworthy.

Other than beautiful beaches and clean sea, you can also visit Gubavica waterfalls (Velika and Mala Gubavica). There waterfalls, located around eight kilometers from the canyon of the river Cetina, are a tour and picnic place famous for bread baked in an iron lid (peka) and fresh trout fishing in the river. The area around the river is a perfect destination spot for those who like an active holiday as you can try rafting, but also canoeing and kayaking. Recreational activities that Omiš offers also include rock climbing, cycling, bowling, paragliding, volleyball, and windsurfing, water skiing and diving.