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Dental Tourism in Omiš, Croatia

Instead of having long-term treatment at home for which you have to pay a small fortune, make sure you get a high-quality care of your teeth at much lower price and at the same time spend the great holidays in Croatia! Come to beautiful Omiš and come back from vacation with a new, healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental tourism is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in the world. One of the essential factors that increase the popularity of this industry is the increasing price of dental treatments, folded long waiting period and the duration of development.

Simultaneously with the rapid technological development of the last decade, the gap between the quality standards of Croatia in relation to the other countries of the European Community (EU) disappeared, and the ease of travel and the low cost carriers contributed essentially to the creation of great dental care Croatia within The DentalMed office in Omiš. Depending on the type of procedure prices in Croatia for most dental procedures can be 4-6 times lower than in Europe.

The program in The DentalMed office under the under the guidance of Dr. Josip Zovko, who is one of the best dentists in Omiš and Dalmatia, provides the most efficient solutions depending on the needs of patients organized in a unique concept based on an integrated dentistry services:

  • Services and treatments of the highest quality in accordance with  European standards;
  • All types of modern treatments available today;
  • Trusted personnel consisting of medical specialists in all branches of modern dentistry;
  • A team of specialists in ceramic dental techniques;
  • The shorter treatment periods at the best prices.

The latest technology in DentalMed dental clinic include: computer assisted design/computer assisted manufacture, dental implants, airflow air-abrasion, teeth whitening, digital radiography, Castellini schema 6 and composite resins. You can also have beautiful smile in just three steps:

1.    Contact us to arrange the treatment
2.    Book accommodation in Omiš Riviera
3.    Pack your bags and take a trip

Return home healthier and happier with your new smile! Make an appointment!